Vandals damage AHS greenhouse, stand

Published 9:03 pm Friday, March 6, 2009

For the third time this year, vandals have caused property damage at Andalusia High School.

The latest incident took place either Thursday evening or early Friday morning, as the vandals caused damage at the school’s greenhouse and baseball concession stand.

The greenhouse’s plastic roof was cut open in several places and the plant watering system was damaged. Vandals also broke several windows and ripped apart Styrofoam containers that were used to house some plants.

“I’m very disappointed in whoever did this,” said Anthony Mikel, agriscience teacher at AHS. “I feel sorry for anybody who feels like they need to do things like this, because it obviously shows that they don’t have a life.”

At the concession stand, the vandals forcibly opened a lock on the stand’s door, breaking in and stealing drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs. Several windows were also broken and there was damage to the door and lock.

“There are so many good things that go on at this school,” said Sgt. Alice Donaldson of the Andalusia Police Department, who is investigating the case. “It is disappointing to see something like this happen, and we’re going to do everything we can to catch those who are responsible.

“This will not be tolerated.”

In January, vandals broke into the annex building and also caused damage to the school’s busses. In that incident, as well as Thursday’s case, no expensive items taken from the school.

“It’s probably children who are responsible,” Donaldson said.

She added that the vandals, when caught, would face charges of burglary and theft.

Anyone who has any information on the vandalism can call the Andalusia Police Department at 222-1155 and ask for Donaldson.