Laughs galore at RGR

Published 12:40 am Saturday, March 14, 2009

In a Las Vegas-themed show that opened with dancing Elvises, ended with the cousins of Buford T. Nerdley, and featured menopause, belly dancers and rednecks in between, the 28th annual Red Garter Revue entertained a full house at the Dixon Center on the LBWCC campus Friday night.

Kim and Kyle Baumgartner reprised their roles from two years ago as a redneck couple, and began by recounting their last RGR experience, when “Buffy” was pregnant with the couple’s child, “Carolina Moon.”

“Let’s see, last time we’s here, we had a mayor,” he said. “Now we have a king. And just like The King, he got elected and left the building.”

Another thing that’s changed, he said, is restaurants.

“They’ve got that new one behind the Murphy building,” he said. “I think that’s just for the people in the Murphy building. And then there’s that new one on the other side of the square for all the other folks that serves Mexican BBQ every day.

“That’s the one that’s going to make it,” he said. “Because there’s two things you need in a restaurant around here … Mexican or BBQ.”

Later, the husband said he was disappointed in the night’s activities.

“I thought this was going to be like Vegas,” he said. “I brought a whole roll of nickels.” “I know,” countered “Buffy.” “This is nothing like in Montgomery.”

New to the Revue were Riche D., also known as Richard Donofrio, who performed Elvis’s “C.C. Rider” and, with Tambry Nix, did Johnny Cash’s “Jackson.” Johnny and June were also featured on stage when Julie McDonald performed “Johnny and June.”

Another RGR favorite, “Celebrity Jeopardy” featured Roger Powell as Alex Trebek, and celebrity guests Cathy Powell as Octomom, Ted Watson as Mrs. Grundy and Darlene Hogg as Nancy Grace.

“Octomom,” who appeared on stage with a stroller filled with at least eight dolls, informed the audience she was so famous there was a dish named after her at Denny’s.

“You get four eggs, no sausage and the man next to you pays for it,” she said.

“That lady is everywhere and she loves she-crab soup,” Trebek said of Star-News columnist “Mrs. Grundy” in his introduction.

“Bailout” was among the jeopardy answers to which the celebrities provided questions.

“That’s what the sheriff tried to do before his plane crash,” a celebrity answered quickly.

Under the category of county government, the first answer revealed was blank.

“Nothing there again. … Exactly,” Trebek said.

Next answer: “Pilot Club.”

Correct question: “What is the name of the sheriff’s new organization?”

Making their first appearance on the Red Garter stage were Gary Hart and John Thomas starring as “Noaccount” and “Nicademus Nerdley,” cousins of frequent Red Garter star “Buford T. Nerdley.”

“It’s as cold out here as a Covington County School classroom,” Noaccount said.

After a discussion of the “co-mmissioners” who do nothing but “meet, then meet again to undo what they did at the last meeting,” Noaccount Nerdley turned his straight talk to the sheriff.

“High Sheriff Dennis Meeks was flying in his new air-o-plane,” Noaccount said.

“Was he looking for the comissioners burying dead cows?” Nicademus Nerdley asked.

Noaccount said, “He’s a pretty good flyer. It’s just landing he has trouble with. It’s a good thing he wears brown britches.”

Said one, “Our former probation judge is going to the big house.”

“I didn’t know Dr. Butler was renting rooms out,” his cousin replied.

“And that car she’s a driving with ‘23 judge’ on it …. They’re taking that away. Hit’s gone say ’10 to 20.’ ”

WAAO morning show hosts Blaine Wilson and JoAnn Jones hosted the show. After a dance by Jentry McWhorter that included tumbling, Wilson asked Jones, “Can you dance like that?”

Jones said she could, but “I only dance for James now.”

Countered Wilson, “Y’all do own a scrap yard … and they have poles. Is that why I saw Big Daddy with one in the back of his truck?”

The Andalusia Junior Woman’s Club will present the show again at 7 tonight, Sat., March 14. Tickets are available at Harold’s Furniture, Ansley Place and CCB Community Bank, as well as at the door.