County should also help local charities

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity this week for the outpouring of financial support for the tragedy that took place in our neighboring communities of Kinston, Samson and Geneva. I hear the financial collection is pushing close to $50,000, and Saturday morning I still saw people collecting out in front of the bypass by Winn-Dixie. Is this money for funeral services for those lost, medical costs for those living, or what? I, like others, gave because my heart aches for them.

What dismays me is that you recently printed an article that the Covington County United Fund was 40 percent short of its $162,000 fund drive this year and would be cutting lowered quarterly checks to these local agencies. In many cases, the agencies the United Find serves would be some of the same first responders that showed up to assist victims and their families if such a tragedy struck in our community.

WAAO’s one week drive was so successful; perhaps they would consider another one next month to try and collect the funds needed to keep critical organizations funded through the United Fund, like the Red Cross and others serving our county.

We have all been moved to give this week to those in need, but I hope we will not let our own community agencies suffer because their quiet work doesn’t make the daily or national news. Thank you for reminding readers there is still time and opportunity to make a difference in our county.

Kristy White