1,200 see story of Jesus at Opp church’s live drama

Published 11:59 pm Monday, April 13, 2009

The weekend performance of Opp’s Westview Baptist Church’s From the Manger to the Cross was described as “exceptional” as the live action drama was performed before a more than 600 people nightly.

Roger McLain, Westview’s music minister and author and organizer of the event, said the production was a great experience — not only for the performers but also for the audience.

“I would have to say more than 600 were there each night,” he said. “That’s a minimal estimate. We put out more than 700 chairs. Those were filled, the bleachers were filled and we had people sitting on the ground.

“So many people said it was the best thing they had seen in their life,” he said. “They talked about how beautiful the sets were. All in all, I’d say everything went nicely.”

The church production told the story Jesus’ life from his birth in the manger to his resurrection after being crucified on the cross. It took a cast of more than 250 church members and months of set preparation to make the event happen.

McLain said the weather cooperated “beautifully” both nights.

“We were worried about rain,” he said. “The wind had been blowing for two weeks, but those nights — it stopped. It was calm and beautiful.

“Sunday night, there were a couple of drops of rain, and people said they were going to pray that it held off,” he said. “It was amazing. God showed us His power that night.

“We are just so appreciative of our church family who made this program possible,” he said. “They put endless hours into this program. It was truly a church wide show where everyone worked very hard — and I mean everyone, from little ones to senior adults. It brings so much unity to our church when you do something like this.”