Andalusia Study Club hits ‘roadshow’

Published 11:59 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Members of the Study Club of Andalusia brought many antiques and treasures to the March meeting in the Dixon Room of the Andalusia Public Library. The occasion was “The Antique Road Show with George Gantt.”

Gantt, of Sweet Gum Bottom Antiques, examined and evaluated the items. Among the treasures were Roseville and Hull vases, butter churns, silver, quilts, an unusual match picker and a violin.

“I could tell you if it is a reproduction when I walk in the door,” Gantt said.

He explained that one can also tell if an antique has been repaired by running a black light over it.

Gantt brought several items to display and discuss. Included were a Remington pocket knife, some old Coca-Cola bottles and Andalusia Bottling Company bottles Gantt explained that Coke was sold as a medicine before it was a drink.

“If it says property of Coca-Cola and doesn’t say Coke, the bottle probably had soda water or something else in it,” he said.

Although some of the items were worth more in sentimental value than market value, some members were surprised at high appraisals from Gantt, and all enjoyed the informative program.

Members enjoyed key lime pie and coffee, which was served by hostess Caroline Picking.

The officers of the Study Club of Andalusia are Amy Spurlin, president; Sue Taylor, vice president; Sherry Frazier, recording secretary; Kathy Windham, treasurer; Louise Yergain, corresponding secretary; Barbara Bryant, parliamentarian; and Mary Jane Winkler, press recorder.