‘Miracle’ Elixir

Published 9:44 pm Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meredith’s Miracles raised about $200 at a lemonade stand Thursday afternoon. Shown, Dalton Spears serves up a cup of lemonade for a customer while Kiley Spears looks on in front of Harold’s Furniture.

Meredith’s Miracles is a non-profit foundation named in honor of Meredith McGlamory, who passed away from a form of childhood cancer in 2003. Meredith is Simpson’s granddaughter and the daughter of Janna and Russell McGlamory.

The charity assists parents who have to leave the area to get specialty medical care for their children. Meredith’s Miracles helps with non-medical related expenses, such as gas, lodging and food, for families within a 60-mile radius of Andalusia.