Fink helps provide ‘green thumb’ for FCMS

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zachary “Zach” Fink has taken it upon himself to make sure Florala City Middle School goes “green.”

On this Earth Day, Fink, who is an eighth grader at FCMS, can be found working not only on the front lawn of the school grounds but also in the new greenhouse recently constructed next to the annex building. Fink’s principal, Rodney Drish, said he recognized Fink’s “green” talent early in his school career.

“Zach is a great student and does a phenomenal job keeping the garden growing in the greenhouse, working the fish in our agri-science department — he’s our go-to man for anything green.”

Fink said it was a love of the outdoors that led him to develop his green thumb.

“I guess you could say I’m the agri-science man at school,” Fink said. “I get to go outside and work with the plants in the greenhouse. I’ve been doing that — working with plants all my life — and it’s great I can do it at school.”

Fink is one of the many students who work in the school’s fishery and greenhouse.

His most recent project at home is planting fruit trees.

“There’s two spots,” he said. “On top of the hill, there’s a lime tree, a Satsuma tree, lemon and orange trees. Apple’s on its way. I guess that has just spilled over into school.”

Fink volunteers his time to make sure the plants are covered during the winter and are deadheaded for growth in the spring.

“Out in the fisheries, I test the water to make sure the chemicals are right,” he said. “I feed the fish, things like that. I like to help where I can. I like working and not being lazy. I guess I’m an outdoors guy.”

Additionally, Fink worked to help construct the recently added 10-by-15 greenhouse that houses the fishery and countless tomato, squash, broccoli, cucumber and fresh herb plants.

“As soon as it grows, we’re going to eat it,” he said. “I can’t wait.”

And while many may speculate Fink has aspirations of becoming a farmer, but that is not the case.

“I want to be a mechanic,” he said. “I want to work on cars and racecars. That’s my thing. I learned from my daddy. It’s what I’m going to do.”

Fink is the son of Quin and Sonya Fink of Florala.