DTF nabs contraband at jail

Published 11:59 pm Monday, April 27, 2009

The girlfriend of a Covington County Jail inmate was arrested Saturday after she allegedly furnished drugs to her boyfriend while he worked as a trusty.

Sgt. Ray Dixon of the 22nd Circuit Drug Task Force said DTF agents first encountered Tanya Kay Byrd, 46, in Florala on April 15.

“That day she delivered some tobacco, morphine and Ativan to a trusty in Florala,” Dixon said. “She had it packaged in latex glove fingers, the ends tied in knots. We were able to get her identified and warrants were issued for her arrest.

“On Saturday, when she appeared at the jail for visitation, we were able to execute those warrants,” he said.

Upon her arrest, agents found another stash of contraband in her possession.

“She was found to be in possession of Klonopin, which is a controlled substance for anxiety,” Dixon said. “She did not have a prescription for it. By her giving a controlled substance to a trustee, that’s distribution, and since it was intended to go back to the jail with that inmate, that’s promoting prison contraband.”

The inmate, whose the identity was not released, was jailed on failure to appear charges, Dixon said.

“While incarcerated, it’s our goal to try and get these individuals off drugs so they can possibly leave the jail facility free from the addition of drugs and become dependable citizens of the community,” Dixon said. “Wives, girlfriends and mothers sneaking drugs to these individuals in jail is undermining the state’s attempt to rehabilitate these individuals. In this example, (Byrd) finds herself in more trouble than he was in.”

Byrd is charged with second-degree promoting prison contraband, possession of a controlled substance, distribution, third-degree promoting prison contraband and possession of drug paraphernalia. She is being held on a $126,000 bond.

It is unknown if the inmate will face additional charges as a result of the incident.