Party results in 4 arrests

Published 11:16 pm Monday, May 4, 2009

Four adults were arrested Sunday morning in what is expected to be the first of many “house parties” happening on the weekends leading up to graduation, said Lt. Lance Price of the Alabama Beverage Control Board.

ABC agents were called out shortly after midnight to a residence on King Road in Andalusia, he said.

“What we found there was a parent who had a party ensuing at his home and he didn’t do anything to prevent it,” Price said. “We even have reason to believe he participated in the party. There were several juveniles there. A lot ran, but we are in the process of interviewing them now. The parents (of those juveniles) thus far have been working with us.

“We’re working with the hope we can continue to save lives, as we all know this is the time of year for end of the school year celebrations,” he said. “Some are completing a high school career, and some kids think it’s a right of passage to consume alcoholic drinks and party. I’ll say up front — you have to be 21 in Alabama to consume alcoholic beverages. The ABC board has a zero tolerance of underage drinking, so we definitely will not condone any adult to supervise or allow minors to drink.”

Those arrested were Brittany Doves, 18 and Meaghan Weidner, 18, on charges of minor in consumption; and John A. Snowden, 24, on two counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor, three counts of contributing and one count of resisting arrest. Doves and Weidner were held on a $3,000 bond, Snowden on a $69,000 bond.

Homeowner Jeffery C. Ray, 46, faces charges of open house party, two counts of contributing, two counts of furnishing alcohol and resisting arrest. He was held on an $18,000 bond.

“(ABC agents) will be looking for these parties,” Price said. “We will be out diligently to combat these situations.”

Any one wishing to report a house party or illegal drinking should contact the ABC Board at 334-222-4914 or E-911 at 334-427-4911.