Mom’s appreciative of publicity

Published 1:04 am Saturday, May 16, 2009

After writing an earlier message, and sending it to the Andalusia Star-News, the WAAO radio station and also contacting the Andalusia Middle School and Andalusia High School to do some announcing for our Babe Ruth city baseball team, I would like to send my appreciation to these organizations.

They gave a great effort to put the word out that the sign-ups were being extended; as a result, we now have two Babe Ruth teams, after initially not having but about six players total show up to the first try-outs. Although some of the kids have never played before, that is what this is for. It is all about involving our kids in doing things that will keep them from being in places, or doing things that we as parents don’t want them to be, or want them to do.

I believe it is a great experience and they will come away from this with a new love for baseball, great new friendships and maybe even something they can prosper on in their futures. If any one of these kids is like my son, and their heart falls into the love of baseball, all I can say is: “Watch out Major League Baseball!”

You have some fine young men from Andalusia High School coming to fill some great shoes of the great legends of baseball.

From the heart of a mother and an Andalusia Bulldogs fan:

Candace Hudson