Teachers move to OES in June

Published 11:59 pm Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emily Edgar, assistant superintendent for Opp City Schools, said teachers will hopefully start moving into the new Opp Elementary School on June 24.

“(The construction crew is) finishing up the work on the floors this week and should have that done,” she said. “The classrooms are basically complete. We’ve got to move in some of the cafeteria equipment, and we’re expecting the new furniture for the classrooms to be delivered around June 22 or 23. There’s still a little landscaping work and parking lot paving to do, but we’re definitely on the home stretch.”

Edgar said students from Opp High School will help the teachers with the move, and in response, the OCS will offer a contribution to those student organizations.

“We want to invest back into our students at the high school and we thought this would be a great idea to do that,” she said. “Otherwise, we’d have to pay a private company to help with the move. Since we’d have to spend the money no matter what, at least this way we can give back to the student organizations and programs.

“For example, let’s say that the high school girls basketball team helps with the move for two or three days. The OCS will then make a financial contribution to that athletic program that would be a fair payment for the work they did to help with the move. It will not only help our students, but it will also give them a vested interest in the new school.”

Edgar said a community open house will be scheduled for sometime in the summer after the teachers have moved into their new classrooms, but no date has been set yet. The first day of school at OES will be Aug. 3 for teachers, and Aug. 10 for students.