$250 prize hidden in Florala

Published 11:59 pm Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Looking for $250 in quick cash? Try searching in Florala, the site of a treasure hunt set to coincide with the 139th consecutive annual June 24th Masonic Celebration.

“This is just a fun something we do every year to kick off the event,” said Jennifer Davidson, June 24th committee member and treasure hunt organizer. “With things the way they are, we did have to cut the prize money back this year, but it’s still a dollar amount worth searching for.”

Davidson said in years’ past, the prize was $500, but this year, the prize is $250. Clues to the treasure’s location will be released daily, she said.

“There are a few things people need to remember when they’re out looking for the treasure,” she said. “One, it is not at Lake Jackson. Two, it will be on city-owned property, which is why it’s not at Lake Jackson — that’s the state park. Three, it will be within the city limits of Florala.”

Davidson said to her family the treasure hunt is one of the highlights of the June 24th event that brings tens of thousands of people to the small community.

“Last year, it was found pretty early on,” she said. “The year before that, it wasn’t found until the week before June 24th, which is our goal this year. I hope the clues aren’t too easy.

“The best thing to see is at night, people out with their flashlights looking for it,” she said. “That’s the greatest. You know they’re having a good time.”

The treasure hunt is one of many events scheduled for the weeklong celebration, set this year for June 22 through 26.

Other events include a bass tournament, street dance, gospel sing, children’s events, beauty pageants and a parade.

“The thing about June 24th week is it’s all about family,” she said. “We want people to come to Florala and have a good time.”