Treasure hunt clue for Wed., June 24

Published 9:09 am Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday’s clue for the $250 June 24th Masonic treasure hunt in Florala is:

“Yellow and black are my favorite colors.”

These are the previous clues for the treasure hunt:

Mon., June 1: Look up, look down. Where can I be found?

Tues., June 2: If I am to be found, you will have to look all around.

Wed., June 3: Search north, south, east and west to find where I rest.

Thurs., June 4: Yes, oh yes, it is a test to see if you are the best.

Fri., June 5: Far and wide, high and low, wonder which way you should go.

Mon., June 8: Should I go right, left or straight at the light? Maybe more than one way will be right.

Tues., June 9: So dark and quiet most of the time.

Wed., June 10: Boats nor trains do I ever see. How long before someone finds me?

Thurs., June 11: Cars quite often, planes only occasionally.

Fri., June 12: I can’t decide if I enjoy the sounds of the day or the night the best.

Mon., June 15: From the north, go south. From the south, go north. From the middle, go east or north.

Tues., June 16: Cars sound normal coming, different passing, and normal going.

Wed., June 17: Stop. East. North. West.

Thurs., June 18: Or: Stop. North. East.

Fri., June 19: Sparks will fly if you can put the pieces together.

Mon., June 22: Make sure you don’t bypass me while you’re looking.

Tues., June 23: The answer to this math equation is my favorite number: 6 x 3 + 7 – 9 x 2 – 20 + 32 + 8 – 40 + 6 – 10 =