Habitat ceremony set for July 11

Published 12:27 am Friday, June 26, 2009

After a little more than two months of construction, the first house built by Covington County Habitat for Humanity will be officially completed at a ceremony Sat., July 11.

CCHFH president Dale “Flip” Pancake said Thursday the board of directors set the date officially earlier this week. The time is not yet set, but Pancake said he believes it will be held early in the morning.

“My guess is it’s probably going to be around 9 a.m.,” he said. “That way it’s not too early, but it’s also not too hot in the day. Every one who participated in the build is welcome to come back and see what we’ve all been able to accomplish working together.”

Pancake said the ceremony will be a simple one to celebrate the completion of the home for the Hanlin family of Opp.

“We’ll do a presentation of a family Bible, which the Hanlins will be able to keep, and then we’ll bless the house,” he said. “I’m sure there will be a reception and people will be able to get a close look at the house from the inside, as well. There will also be a few gifts presented. The South Alabama Quilting Society has made a beautiful quilt, and local artist Roger Powell painted a picture of the house, and those will both be given to the Hanlins.”

Primary construction of the house took place during a “building blitz” from Fri., April 24, through Sun., April 26, as more than 150 daily volunteers helped with work ranging from installing vinyl siding to erecting the wooden frame.

Since that time, Pancake said countless volunteers have been helping to complete additional projects at the build site, located in Opp at the corner of West Park and Burdick streets.

“I couldn’t be prouder of every one who has helped on the finishing work of the project,” he said. “We’ve had people who have come at 5:30-6:30 in the morning so they can work before it gets too hot, and then others who have come by in the evening after work. We’ve had a lot of retired people come and help out, so they have something to do during the day.

“It’s really been wonderful how much these volunteers have given of themselves, and we’re very grateful for their help.”

Pancake said work has been smoothly progressing at the site.

“We’ve still got a little bit to finish up with,” he said. “Vinyl flooring went in for the kitchen and bathroom earlier this week. We also installed the toilets, sinks and mirrors, and we’re finishing up installing the carpet (Friday).

“Painting is basically done; we’ve got a little more of that to finish. There’s some more work to be done on the electrical installation, and we need to pour concrete slab for the driveway, but other than that we’re basically finished.”

Pancake said the board is already discussing future Habitat builds, with one tentatively scheduled for November in Andalusia. He said it has been good to “work out the kinks” with the Opp build, the first project for the new community organization.

“We’re a little more aware of the sequence of things now,” he said. “I think we realize what order things need to be completed in, and we’ll have things following more closely in future builds, so we’re not held up by things that need to be done. I’m sure next time it will go quicker, but at the same time, we can’t say enough how much we appreciate the hard work and dedication the community has shown to our first build.”

HFHCC is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. Donation checks should be made out to “Habitat for Humanity of Covington County” and sent to Habitat for Humanity of Covington County, P.O. Box 1034, Andalusia, AL 36420.