Thanks city, for your prompt response

Published 12:28 am Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wed., June 24, I was looking through a window in my home, watching a tree-cutting company cutting down some large trees across the street from my house. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon when I saw a big part of a tree fall and take out the power line to the house they were cutting trees at.

I saw the pole with the transformer shake as the tree fell on the power line going to the house across the street and my power went off also. I immediately called the Utilities Board and asked them to please send someone since it was about 100 degrees outside.

The lady that answered said she would do a work order and send it out right then. She also took my phone number and name in case she needed to contact me back. Someone from the city was at my house in less than five minutes and told me that two of my neighbors’ houses were out of power also and a truck would be coming soon.

I am glad I called, since my neighbors were not at home and the tree-cutting company continued to keep cutting trees. A truck was there and they had my power back on in only 23 minutes from the time the power went off, according to an electric clock I reset later. The lady also called me after the power came on to make sure I had power.

My thanks go out to the city workers and the Utilities Board for a job well done.

Robert Cremer