Be mindful of pets on hot summer days

Published 11:58 pm Friday, July 3, 2009

I just want to remind everyone NOT to leave their pets, children or elderly people in the car while they run in the store for a minute or 15 minutes. It was 100 degrees or better the other day when I went to Wal-Mart and some one had left their dog in the car in this hot weather. It could have died in minutes. If people would pick up the phone and call the police, people might think better before doing this. I want to encourage anyone who sees anything breathing inside a locked or otherwise car to take your cell phone and call the police. Why people do these things bewilders me. I realize they might only get a warning, but it has to start somewhere. Why not you? Get involved in a case like this. You don’t have to tell who you are just make the call. I’m sure the animals or people would thank you if they could. You just might save a life.

Be sure to keep plenty of water and a shade so your pet can get in out of this heat. Put a fan outside where they are if they stay outside. Buy a kids pool so they can get in it such as dogs, birds, etc. They get hot and suffer from this heat just like we do. So PLEASE think about how you would feel if it were you left outside depending on someone else to take care of you.

Kathy Stephens