Man arrested for 2nd time after posting bond

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday was not a good day for John William Ryken after he was arrested not once, but twice, in the same day.

First, Covington County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested the 43-year-old Bonifay, Fla., resident for allegedly driving while under the influence early Monday morning. Ryken was able to post a $7,500 bond for his release; however, a bond stipulation prohibited him leaving the state without first seeking judicial permission.

He attempted to get that permission later that morning at the Covington County Courthouse, but the attempt proved futile as he once again found himself in trouble with the law.

“While at the courthouse, he pulled a prescription pill out of his pocket while at the security desk, waiting to go upstairs,” Drug Task Force agent Paul Hudson said. “It was determined he did not have a prescription for the pill and he was arrested.”

Ryken was then arrested and made his second trip to the county jail, where his bond was set at $10,000. He has since made bail.

DTF commander Mark Odom said prescription pills continue to be a “big problem” in Covington County, and “we are doing all we can to stop the distribution and possession of prescription pills.”