I don’t think Bible supports gambling

Published 11:59 pm Friday, July 31, 2009

The recent letter on gambling got me thinking about the pros and cons of gambling. I must say that I empathize with the fact that outlawing gambling is another way the government dictates what we can or cannot do with our rightfully hard earned money. However, there was a recent interview in 60 Minutes with Steve Wynn, the most successful casino owner in Las Vegas who himself does not gamble. His father died a compulsive gambler who owned and operated a bingo parlor and left the family more than $300,000 in debt upon his death. Wynn was asked in the interview (and was challenged twice by the interviewer) if he stood by his statement that he has never known of anyone that got ahead by gambling. If they won a ton they would lose it back plus more.

Gamblers were also ignorant to the fact that all odds are in favor of the “house.” Laws are passed and enacted to protect the innocent and unknowing.

I have never heard of a compulsive booster ball ticket buyer or a compulsive cake walker; “Dominoes Anonymous” does not exist. Why? Because these activities are not focused on the central aspect of gambling. Is there chance involved? Sure. There is also chance involved with starting a business. A casino’s focus (and ability to survive) is based around the need to extend gambling as much as possible. They will give you rooms and suites to stay in their hotel, and drinks are on the house. They’ll do anything to get you into their casino, and the lottery is no different (just watch the commercials in Georgia advertising the lifestyle of the rich and famous if you just buy a ticket).

Definition — Gambling: the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize). The word “hope” and “chance” in the definition of gambling proves God did not gamble. In the Book of Job, the Devil asserts that the only reason Job was a righteous follower of God was because he was prosperous. God gave the devil permission to destroy Job’s possessions and family so to prove the Devil wrong. God allowed the actions against Job. There was no chance taken as God knew the heart of Job and therefore the outcome of the trials and tribulations.

Don Cotton