Please everyone, obey the leash laws

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I live on Youpon Drive, between Green Acres and Albritton Road. This past weekend at 3 a.m., my daughter heard a dog run across our back deck and bark once. The next morning, we found our beloved 19-year-old cat dead. She was a sweet, old girl and she did not deserve to die such a violent death, especially in a day and time when we have leash laws. Our other cats are young enough to climb a tree; but, our oldest was too old to defend herself or run away.

You may ask why she was outside if she was so old? It’s where she had lived her entire life. She did not like to be in the house and she never left our deck. She was happiest outside and only in recent years did she get to where she could not run. Besides, with the leash law we have in Andalusia, we did not worry about a dog hurting our cats.

Please, please abide by the leash law, do not leave your dog out at night and keep them somewhere they cannot escape.

No one should ever have to find a family pet mauled from a dog attack.

Sue Taylor