DTF busts meth lab, illegal pill abusers

Published 11:59 pm Monday, August 17, 2009

A 43-year-old Covington County man is being held on a $1.04 million bond after the Covington County Drug Task Force found a meth lab in his residence.

The DTF executed a search warrant at the home of Carlos Kevin Peacock, 43, on Saturday. During the search of the residence, agents found bi-layered liquids, methamphetamine smoking devices, marijuana, marijuana smoking devices and other chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Peacock was charged with first-degree manufacturing controlled substance ($250,000 bond), trafficking controlled substance ($500,000 bond), chemical endangerment of a child ($250,000 bond), second-degree possession of marijuana ($20,000 bond) and possession of drug paraphernalia ($20,000 bond).

DTF Commander Mark Odom said the investigation is continuing and more charges may be filed.

“We are continuing to see methamphetamine labs in the county,” Odom said. “Without the help of the citizens, we could not be as productive in the apprehension of people that engage in this illegal activity.”

In an unrelated case, a traffic stop last Wednesday led to the arrest of a man and woman for prescription drugs.

When the DTF stopped a vehicle driven by Jefferson Ray Myers, a passenger, Jessica Bush, granted them permission to search the vehicle. During the search, agents located syringes, spoons and Diluadid pills. Neither Myers nor Bush had a prescription for the pills, which are a derivative of morphine.

Agents learned that Myers had purchased the pills for Bush. He was charged with Distribution of a controlled substance ($100,000 bond), possession of a controlled substance ($10,000 bond) and possession of drug paraphernalia ($3,000 bond).

Bush was charged with possession of a controlled substance ($10,000 bond) and possession of drug paraphernalia ($3,000 bond).

Agent Paul Hudson said the sales and possession of prescription pills continues to be a problem in Covington County.

“We are continuing to do whatever we can to fight this problem,” Hudson said.