Health reform, not takeover, is needed

Published 12:52 am Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Red Level resident has recently written two articles to The Andalusia Star-News about our need for national health care. She gives all kinds of sources of data at the end of her letters; however, she did not list the one being debated. Evidently she has not reviewed what she thinks we need. It is contained in the 1,018-page takeover of the entire health system in this great country.

Let me first state that I was in the life and health insurance business for more than 40 years and I can assure you that half or more of those people without health insurance could afford health and life insurance but cars, big houses, cigarettes and other things are more important than providing health and life insurance care for their family. The other half are not denied medical care as it is available if they are in the low-income bracket. I don’t know anyone turned away from the emergency room.

I have downloaded all 1,018 pages from the Web site. I determined after 30 pages that, as one congressman stated, it would take two weeks and two lawyers to try to understand it. I decided to look at certain sections that I had received through email to check.

So here are a few examples of what I found.

First, in almost every section it is stated that the Secretary of the Health and Human Services shall within 18 months develop the rules and regulations for this bill. This means about another 80,000 pages of bureaucrats mumble jumble that know everything about everything.

To get to the meat:

Page 30, section 123 – a health advisory committee will be set up to make recommendations to the secretary as to benefits, etc. (nobody knows what this will be, not even President Obama.)

Page 51, line 1 and 2 – coverage under this act shall be provided without regards to personal characteristics extraneous to provisions of high quality health care or related services (this could be the provision for illegal immigrants)

Page 58, lines 9-13 – i.d. card issued to determine individuals eligible for specific physicians and facilities.

Page 341, line 4-9 – secretary can determine not to identify a Medicare advantage plan (not approve)

Page 429, lines 1-12 – relates to consultation with respect to long-term care.

Pages 676-686 – about government control of hospital, medical facilities and staff.

Page 859, lines 7-26 and page 860, lines 1-4 – from the year 2010, starting with a “Public Health Investment Fund” of $4.6 billion and going through 2019 there will be deposited an increasing amount each year for a total deposited of $7.93 trillion and paid from the general revenue of the Treasury. (Our tax money, folks that is almost $8 trillion).

The last 100 or so pages call for the complete takeover of all medical services in the United States.

The last page, 1,018 – State will not be eligible for federal funds under this act and unless they agree to all regulation (etc) in this bill and assure that all political subdivisions in the state do the same.

My wife and I are on Medicare and pay $482 per month for supplemental health insurance. I would love to see this amount reduced, but not at this government plan cost and the loss of my decision to make my own choices.

We need reform in the medical field, tort reform and some reform in the drug and insurance field.

We do not need the complete takeover of our entire health system in the Second Congressional District or in the United States.

Harry Hinson