City of Florala needs a new police station

Published 12:52 am Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Editor,

There’s something I would like to run by everyone. I was talking to our chief of police the other day about this. Since the rescue squad has a new station, and the fire department has a new station, why can’t our Chief of Police Sonny Bedsole and his department have a new police station to themselves? They could have a building where they could have their own jail, and we could get our dispatchers back, also.

So, I ask a question. Why couldn’t we tear down the old National Guard armory and have them build a new police station there? Maybe someone would help with the money, or somehow get a grant to help build them a really good building. I have already called someone and he told me the council would somehow have to argue a grant for this, and if the council got that grant then this person would also help, too. I think maybe our chief might know who I’m talking about — Seth Hammett.

They need a new police station. It would have a new jail to put the people they arrested in, and make them work out their fines on the roads. And like I said, bring our dispatchers back here like they were to start with.

It would save them some time and save them some money in the long run, instead of having to drive to the county jail and back.

So, someone come up with something and help get our chief a new police station and get our dispatchers back here. The old armory would be a good place to do this.

Barbara Sue Dennis