Thanks to the one who found my purse

Published 1:22 am Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dear Editor,

On a recent shopping trip to our local Wal-Mart SuperCenter, I left my purse in the shopping cart. I did not realize what I had done until I arrived at my home and began putting things away.

I called the store immediately and a nice lady began making contacts in an effort to help me. She decided that I should come back to the store and check with the customer service desk.

When I arrived, I spoke with Melissa, who asked for my name and a description of the purse. She went immediately and brought my bag with everything intact.

Melissa did not know the name of the person who returned my bag from the parking lot to her department, so I was unable to thank him or her. I am doing that now. Thank you so very much for your kindness, honesty and Christian charity.

This experience reminded me that we live in a community of wonderful, caring people, along with businesses, friends and family. And it is all right here in “Sweet Home Andalusia.”

Sybil Weaver