Florala needs to address city’s noise

Published 2:03 am Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Editor,

Tell me, what has happened to our little city? There’s no citation for noise, like we are supposed to have. I do not hear our officers pull anyone over for noise, and I have not seen even one ticket written for the noise ordinance. Is this how they feel about our older people and our senior citizens — no peace and quiet?

No, we have to hear this loud music going up and down the road all day long. Just wait, when our officers get 60 or 70 or 80 years old, how are they going to feel about this? Tickets are being given for speeders, no driver’s license and no tag on a car, but not for this.

I’m very proud this is happening in Andalusia and the names are going in the paper, also. One other thing we do not have is nobody here to handle animal control. Let me run something by you all. Have you ever heard of taking a goat and stringing it up on a post of some kind, and while it’s still alive, you cut it up while it is howling for help? An officer was called out to this, the other night, and he would not do anything to these people about this, not even arrest them and take them to jail for animal cruelty.

What is the shoe was on the other foot? I don’t know what our world is coming to. This goat was killed and cleaned to be cooked and eaten this way. If I had been a cop, I would have arrested these people, taken them to jail and charged them a big fine and to serve some time for this.

This is the kind of laws we have here. One day, this all is going to come home to someone.

Barbara Sue Dennis