Tisdale, 7, excited to compete in her 1st rodeo

Published 1:53 am Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caitlin Tisdale, 7, has enjoyed riding horses as long as she can remember, but this weekend will be the start of a new pursuit as she competes in her first junior rodeo.

“I’m very excited about it,” she said. “I practice two or three times a week. It’s all in me because I was born in the country and I think I’ll stay that way.”

Caitlin said her uncle has ridden with her on horses since she was a baby, and she has been riding horses on her own for several years. This weekend, she will participate in several events at the junior rodeo, including goat tying, barrel riding, pole pending and ribbon roping.

“I like the goat tying the best,” she said. “It’s fun to jump off the horse and shadow the goat before you get it on the ground.”

Caitlin’s father, David, said the family enjoys riding horses and he has participated in some roping events, but Caitlin is the first to enter a multi-event rodeo.

“(My wife and I have) had horses since she was born and she rides with us often,” he said. “(Caitlin) has come to a few roping events with us, and she decided she’d like to give rodeo a try. She’s definitely put forth a lot of effort to it.”

Caitlin has received instruction from several locals who compete in rodeos, including Brittany Snowden, a recent three-time high school champion.

“(Brittany) has helped me get the goat up for the goat tying,” Caitlin said. “Because it’s really heavy.”

Snowden said Caitlin is a good student.

“She listens very well and tries very hard,” she said. “If there’s one thing I’d want to teach her about rodeo, it’s that even if you have a downfall, it’s important to bounce back and keep your head held high.”

Caitlin said she loves being around horses and has never been hurt or scared by one.

“Unless it was a stallion,” she added.

Caitlin is a second grader at Pleasant Home School and is the daughter of David and ChaLea Tisdale of the Carolina community. She has two sisters, Krystal, 25, and Tara, 23, and a brother, Josh, 19.