City cleaning up old Alatex property

Published 12:28 am Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The River Falls Street project is still on track to be bid in the next four to six weeks, and actual work should begin in the first quarter of 2010, Tim Ramsden of CDG Engineering reported to the Andalusia City Council Tuesday night.

Ramsden said engineers are waiting on final federal authorization for the portion of the project funded by transportation enhancement (TE) funds. Once that authorization comes, the city can let bids, he said.

Ramsden said city utilities workers have already done most of the electrical work required to move overhead power lines from the street. Once the project is completed, River Falls Street will feature 91 “boulevard-type” streetlights.

The street portion of the project is designed in phases, he said, so that residents and business owners will encounter the least possible amount of inconvenience. However, he said, portions of the street will be closed except for local traffic during the project.

Ramsden said he expects the project to cost less than originally projected because the base material on the street is in better shape than originally thought.

Once construction begins, he said, the contractor would have 210 working days, or 42 weeks, to complete the project.