Many made ‘Living History’ possible

Published 2:31 am Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Editor,

What a wonderful outpouring of support this community showered upon our Andalusia Middle School students! The success of our recent Living History Museum and Parade reflected the efforts of so many of Andalusia’s citizens. I must thank the Andalusia Star-News for the outstanding newspaper coverage and Blaine Wilson for the excellent WAAO support. APD Lt. Mike Bowlan provided a safe and clear parade route. Mr. Tip Campbell added a new dimension to our parade this year by shuttling in his mule-drawn wagon our Andalusia City Schools Foundation members. Joseph Jernigan and Ryan Doty provided a link to our county’s past by showing their English riding horses. The Kiwanis and Rotary clubs contributed the first arena for our students to speak publicly.

So many parents and grandparents worked with students to locate character information, design costumes, and listen over and over again to speeches. Some parents had double-duty — our publicity committee headed by Cara Russell with help from Ashley Eiland, Stephanie Boyd, Stacie McCalman, and Jill Prevett; our “cast party” committee chaired by Melinda Carrassco with aid from Jill Elmore, Jennifer Langley, Bob Bush, and Pat Griggers; the “court square” committee operated by Linda and Jerry Andrews, Wendy Andrews, and Rick Kyle; and the “contact” committee consisting of Janet Beste, Sonya Hines and Pearl Givens.

When one undertakes a project of this magnitude, the entire school is necessarily involved. I must thank my beloved colleagues for their support and participation — fellow sixth-grade teachers, Cassie Battey, Lynn Castleberry, Candy Parker, Sarah Catrett, Amy Caudle, and Sharon Davis; media specialist, Kay Fagerstrom, band director, Jason Tucker; our loyal administrators, Ted Watson and Vicki Anderson; and all the other teachers who allowed the AMS Ambassadors and band students to participate in this experience.

Our characters for the Living History Museum are limited only by the biographies in our library. If you have a special affection for a historical figure and would like our young people to learn about this person, please contact Mrs. Fagerstrom. She will be happy to provide information about our new honorarium book-purchasing program.

To all of you who encouraged us with your presence on the square, we thank you. We’re already planning for next year! It’s great to be an Andalausian!


Linda Kyle

Andalusia Middle School