Pikachu, fairies among kids’ costume picks

Published 11:59 pm Friday, October 23, 2009

When the first grade students in Mrs. Turman’s class at Pleasant Home were asked what they wanted to be for Halloween and why, it was apparent the woods of the small community is going to be filled with fairies, ninjas and Transformers, too next weekend.

Garrett Spivey proclaimed his love of Transformers, saying, “I’m going to be Bumblebee because I like Transformers. I like that he talks out of the radio.”

Belle Bass decided to keep it simple. She said she is going to be a honeybee because, “it was cute.”

Gage Arthur said he is going to dress up like his hero – Indiana Jones.

“I love him because he has that whip thing,” Arthur said. “I don’t have one though. My mom said she’d put some pumpkins in my room though. We have to take the seeds out first.”

Ava Bailey, a self proclaimed lover of all things pink, said she was going to be a fairy.

“But it’s blue,” she said. “They didn’t have a pink one.”

Parker Near said he plans to dress as Pikachu – the yellow thunderbolt wielding Pokémon.

“I mean he has lightning and that’s so funny,” Near said. “I’m going to be on Team Rocket. Ahh! That’s what I’m going to say when I bust in there for candy.”

Alana Smith all but chanted her Halloween wardrobe choice.

“I’m going to be a cheerleader – a pink and white one, with pom-poms,” she said.

Railey Tew said it wasn’t hard to figure out what she was going to dress up as – Sleeping Beauty.

“She’s a princess, and my parents call me one too,” she said.

Laken Moore opted to go the traditional route like Smith and dress as a cheerleader.

“Mine’s pink and white too,” she said. “I need some pom-poms though. I like cheerleaders because they learn a lot of cheers and cheer loud.”

Kaitlin Ruth said she and her sister plan to go to Halloween together.

“I’m going to be a princess – Cinderella,” she said. “Because that’s the only one I like. My sister is going to be a horse, but I’m not going to ride her. I think I’m going to wear my boots.”

Christopher Lee said his aunt was going to help him with his costume.

“I’m going to be a karate person,” he said. “My aunt is going to bring it. I hope I get lots of candy.”

Bryant Harper, a total Star Wars fan, is going as Darth Vader.

“My cousin, he’s got one those masks that makes your voice funny and I’m going to borrow it,” he said. “I got a cape too.”

Logan Bozeman was the only in the bunch who said he was undecided.

“I’m flip flopping between a black Spiderman and the red Spiderman,” he said. “The black Spiderman – he’s funny and cool, but the red Spiderman – he can hang on stuff.”

A.J. Gatewood stuck with a tried and true costume – a cowboy.

“I like the hat and the boots,” he said. “I like to ride horses too, but I don’t think I can ride one on Halloween.”

Allan Cooley is going to haunt the streets as a bloody skeleton.

“I picked it out myself,” he said. “It’s icky cool.”

Colt Piland said he hasn’t gotten his costume yet, but he knows what it’s going to be – a ninja.

“And it’s going to be red too like a real ninja,” he said. “I have some of those swingy things too.”

Belle Cooley will be attending Halloween as Tinkerbell.

“I didn’t pick it out,” she said. “My mom did. My dad wanted me to be a big fat ghost but my mom said she didn’t like it.”

Leanna Harrell is keeping it simple.

“My mom is going to paint my face,” she said. “I don’t know what color.”

Marshall Lee said he and his “bubba” have their plan all figured out.

“I’m going as Spiderman,” he said. “My bubba is going as Green Goblin because we gonna fight anyway and Spiderman always fights Green Goblin.”