County discusses cars, carcasses

Published 11:59 pm Monday, October 26, 2009

Hunting club members will have to wait until the next commission meeting before getting an answer on whether the engineer’s office will continue the practice of digging pits for deer carcasses.

Commissioner Harold Elmore brought up the topic for discussion but county engineer Darren Capps said he was unsure as to its legality.

“We’ve been doing it since I started and I know I did three last year,” Elmore said. “We just don’t want to see (the dead deer) on the sides of the road and in our creeks.”

County attorney Julie Moody said there is a health aspect to the problem, “especially if they’re throwing them in the waterways.”

Commissioner Bragg Carter said that last year, 17 carcasses were removed at one time last year from under a bridge in his district. They were later buried, he said.

Capps will research the legality of the issue and Moody will research the health aspect. Both will report their findings at the next meeting.

In other business, the commission:

Designated the following as employee parking lots: the lot behind the courthouse, the lot between James and James Attorneys and the Murphy Building, and the old annex site.

Adopted a new flood plain ordinance.

Approved a retail beer license for The Store in Onycha.

Voted to lease six new patrol cars for the Sheriff’s Office.

Approved three routine resolutions for the Covington Area Transits System (CATS).

Voted to spend $33,000 for renovations at the maintenance shop on Hillcrest Drive.