Pancakes, pajamas &prose

Published 2:11 am Saturday, October 31, 2009

Andalusia Elementary School PTO will host its annual Pancakes and Pajamas event and fund-raiser Tuesday night.

AES’s Vicky Ptomey said it will be a night filled with good fun, good food and a lot of great reads.

“‘Pancakes and Pajamas’ is a great way to promote the importance of reading and to inspire and motivate the students to read,” Ptomey said. “The children are encouraged to wear their favorite pajamas and enjoy the evening as guest readers in our community bring their stories to life.”

Circuit Judge Charles A. “Lex” Short will start the evening at 5:30 p.m. with an assembly where he will preside over the students taking an oath to be good readers. From there, students will travel to the following destinations for more stories:

Kindergarten: In the gym with Carrie Browning.

First grade: In the music room with Amy Jones.

Second grade: In the multipurpose room with Shelley Dooley.

Third grade: On the blue hall, by the double doors, with Kim Pugh.

Fourth grade: On the green hall, by the double doors, with Patty Ashworth.

Fifth grade: On the yellow hall, by the double doors, with Jennifer Dansby.

Ptomey said after hearing a story, the students will enjoy pancakes and sausage.

Parents should also be reminded the night is a great opportunity to attend the school’s book fair, where students can purchase their favorite books and discover some new ones.

Pancake plates are $5 per person, and students must be accompanied by a parent, since “since the focus of this event is promoting reading both inside the classroom and at home,” Ptomey said.