United Fund hits 53% of its goal

Published 2:12 am Saturday, October 31, 2009

Final numbers have not been tallied, but Covington County’s 2010 United Fund drive is at 53 percent of its goal of $115,000.

Dwight Mikel, Covington County United Fund board vice president, said Friday, “We’re at about $61,000 or $62,000, or about 53 percent of our goal. There is still some corporate money out there because of working through payroll deduction and the matching side of it.

“We appreciate what everybody has done so far,” Mikel said. “Our volunteers will be working hard over next 36 hours or so to finish canvassing for this effort. We’re asking people to dig deep and help us with a contribution, a check or a pledge.”

The CCUF board will meet Friday morning to determine how well the drive has gone and to determine contributions to agencies.

“We’ve already cut our agencies lower than their requests because we lowered the fund-raising goal this year,” Mikel said. “Friday, we’ll determine if proration has to be part of the package. If it is, we want to let agencies know early on what they face. We were late last year and they had to take a cut late in the budget year.”

Mikel said he encourages individuals to “take your brochure, pull off your pledge form, fill it out and mail it in with a check.”

United Fund encourages residents to contribute the equivalent of one hour’s compensation per month. Contributions can be mailed to CCUF, P.O. Box 1791, Andalusia, AL, 36421.