Parents have been real friends of library

Published 2:39 am Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Editor,

Proration at 7.5 percent and then 12 percent in the Alabama state education budget means zero funding for the Andalusia Elementary School library for books and zero funding for teacher supplies.

Yet, we must give a big “thank you” to the parents, students and PTO for supporting our schools. Recently, the community supported the AES library book fair and, yes, we will be able to buy books for the library and other items to support teachers and students. The book fair was a success. Thank you.

We give our additional thanks to a family that donated money to purchase library books. The Andalusia City Educational Foundation has offered several monetary grant opportunities to the AES teachers and library. Thank you for your generous grants, gifts and financial planning.

Thank you all so much for finding ways to support the Andalusia Elementary School library media center in a year of zero funding.

Holly Krudop

library media specialist at AES