Politicians mistake media for paparazzi

Published 11:59 pm Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Editor,

After watching all the news coverage, documentaries, talk shows and media blitzes, I have come to realize the problem with Washington, Congress, the White House, the czars and our appointed department heads is that they think the press is the paparazzi and people in government are movie stars.

Paparazzi go after people who are famous, whether in movies, models, theatre, royalty, or scandals. They are interested in catching them at their worst, gossiping and giving half-truths so the public will buy their smut publications. The have information and photos to sell — not a full-time dedicated job.

The media is — or should be — educated, skilled, professional journalists who are dedicated to a creed of truth, discovery and the constitutional rights of all. They are supposed to bring the public the whole truth and investigate the backgrounds and activities of our appointed politicians, so we as citizens can make an informed decision to either vote or not vote for these individuals, or to actively protest against their actions. They are supposed to be only motivated by the truth, which can be investigated by the public to be found true, based on what is reported on Fox News and C-SPAN. The rest of the networks act like a bunch of bought-off, scared paparazzi who only provide the public with stenciled-in facts, and only at the beacon call of their employers, or lobbyists, or officials.

Our politicians need to understand that without our support, they are just another face out there in the street like us, trying to pay their bills, hold their jobs and support the troops and their families. We don’t like fake, made-up half-truths and people who are so full of themselves there just isn’t enough room in there for anyone else. Is that why they say it’s lonely at the top? It must be.

So, White House, Congress, senators, czars and appointed heads, which are you? Are you politicians or movie stars? You can’t be both.

And to all you networks, are you paparazzi or journalists? Which is it, because you can’t be both.

Perhaps our politicians forgot to take off their campaign hats filled with half-truths, egos, recruitment words for lobbyists and all the other fake stuff involved with campaigns.

The hats of elected officials should be filled with truth, the whole truth, dedication, support for the Constitution as it is written, our military, families, morals and open and transparent leadership.

Don’t be fooled, movie-star-politicians. You don’t give us enough credit. You might think we are ignorant, but a lot of us know more than you give us credit for. We know that part of lobbying and being in politics go hand in hand with lying, half-truths, secrecy … shoot, most of the words that come out of your mouths are not even your words and thoughts, but those of the ones under and around you. That’s why we want to know all about the people surrounding our elected officials, because we know they are the horses that pull the carts you ride in.

So, politicians, don’t give journalists “crap” when they do the jobs they are meant to do. Just try to do your jobs better.

Remember the old saying, “If you don’t want someone to see what you’re doing with one hand, then shine the light on the other hand to keep the public occupied.” Well, guess what? We’ve got two lights — one for you, and one for your associates. It’s true that your past will come up and kick you in the butt. Do you feel anything yet? You will.

Janet Ezell Beesley

Red Level