Hey, kindergartners, what’s for dinner?

Published 12:08 am Thursday, November 26, 2009

The kindergartners in Shae Page’s class at Andalusia Elementary School wouldn’t mind spicing things up at the table today.

Each student was recently asked what would be the menu if they were put in charge of the Thanksgiving meal. Some were also asked how they would prepare the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

Their answers were as follows:

Ella Jordan — “I would cook the turkey silly. I would put polka dots on it.”

Anna Duffy — “First you shoot the turkey, then you put it in the oven for 10 hours.”

Everett Thompson — “I’d have turkey and grapes.”

Tra Toney — “We’d have strawberry cake, Spongebob cake and Chinese food.”

Sophia Jones — “We’d have a lot of food — ham, turkey, strawberry cake and carrots.”

Cooper Taylor — “I’d have turkey, hamburgers, pizza, ice cream and lemonade.”

Saphronia Crittenden — “Turkey, noodles and chocolate ice cream.”

Drew Seymore — “Ice cream and then a cake. Pie on the top, and chicken and ribs.”

Gracie Stivers — “We’d have fried chicken and pumpkin pie, with sweet tea for the drink.”

Elijah Daniels — “I would get a fat turkey and I would mix it up. Then I’d put it in the microwave.”

Anthony Miller — “I would put a fork in it and then put it in the stove.”

Tyson Banks — “You put it in the oven until 5:30. Then you put it in the microwave and eat it.”

Javeen Thompson — “I would roast it until steam comes out of it.”

Allie Castleberry — “We’d have turkey and Hannah Montana cupcakes.”

Zy’Kerriya Henderson — “Chicken noodle soup, ice cream and Dr Pepper.”

Jay Benson — “First you take the turkey and you mess it up. Then you put it in a bowl and put in the stove for five minutes.”