Flash floods possible today

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today’s severe weather is expected to last into the night and could bring up to 7 inches of rainfall and flash flooding to Covington County, county emergency management agency director Susan Carpenter said Tuesday.

“(Late Tuesday afternoon) Mobile Weather said the rain should arrive by midnight and continue heavy throughout the night, and by 6 a.m., we could see the possibility of a tornado watch,” she said. “That means that isolated tornadoes are possible. Luckily, we’re not expecting any big winds, but they are predicting up to 7 inches of rainfall, so we need to be prepared.”

Carpenter said the storm is in direct line with the Mobile and Baldwin county area, with a northeast line of showers coming through Covington County.

“Southwest of us, they’re predicting 8 inches of rain and the further west you go, the smaller the amount,” she said. “It should move out by (tonight) and be followed by dryer and cooler air on Thursday. It’s really going to feel like winter outside. On Friday, there’s the possibility of more rain.”

Monday’s end to the 2009 hurricane season passed quietly without the county seeing any significant damage. However, today’s weather should serve as a reminder for citizens to remain prepared, Carpenter said.

“We were very fortunate this year to have not experienced any major instances of hurricane damage,” she said. “Still, we don’t need to get slack in our preparations, just as this storm cell proves. It’s been several hurricane seasons — I’m hesitant to say just how many — but several since we’ve had a major instance, and I know everyone is thankful.”