Local weather damage mild

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday’s severe weather dumped more than 5 inches of rain in parts of Covington County and caused multiple power outages but did little property damage.

Susan Carpenter, county emergency management agency director, said that according to the National Weather Service, Andalusia logged 5.5 inches of rain and surrounding areas reported between 2 to 5 inches of rainfall.

“There were several trees down, limbs across the road, and a television cable and some power lines down,” Carpenter said. “The power was out for a short period of time in some of Andalusia and other areas in the county. There was a shed blown over on Kennedy Lane, but all in all, we were very lucky.”

One Andalusia business next to Southern Linc Wireless on East Pass Road lost an awning during the storm. Carpenter said the county experienced wind gusts as high as 15 miles per hour during the rain storms and on Wednesday, the winds continued as the skies cleared.

By lunch, the majority of the rain had left the county.

“At the beginning, (Mobile Weather) was predicting 7 inches of rain and the possibility of tornadoes,” she said. “Thankfully, we didn’t receive that.”

To prepare for the weather, Carpenter said each of the county’s 21 warning sirens underwent testing and local government and education officials were briefed. There were no school cancellations because of the weather, but county school buses were about 30 minutes behind on the pickups.

Tonight, another low-pressure system is expected to make its way across the south and bring with it a 60 percent chance of rain Friday evening. Temperatures are expected to dip into the 40s or below this weekend.

“There has been some scuttle about the four-lettered weather word — snow,” Carpenter said. “I think it’s a real possibility for the northern counties in the state, but for us, who knows? We’ll have to wait and see.”