Juvenile vandals arrested

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two juveniles have been arrested and linked to at least 10 acts of vandalism in the Babbie and Harmony communities.

Sheriff Dennis Meeks said the two 17-year-olds confessed to “dumpster dumping” and the dismantling of mailboxes at residences near the George Boles Road area in the days leading up to Dec. 1.

“There were 10 mailboxes that were pulled up off their poles and thrown into the ditch and two ‘Hobos’ dumped out, strewing trash,” Meeks said. “On Dec. 1, the two were caught by Sgt. Kevin Wise, Deputy Dustin Butler and Deputy Brett Holmes when they received a call about the vandalism and were able to stop a car matching the (alleged) suspect’s vehicle near the Cty. Road 81 area.”

Meeks, who said he was the owner of one of the vandalized mailboxes, said other arrests are pending in the case.

“We hope that with these arrests it will stop the vandalism in that area,” he said. “Deputies will continue to monitor traffic in the area for any other signs of criminal activity.”

Meeks said that through the two arrests, the Sheriff’s Department was able to clear 10 cases off its books.

“We think that there are other (cases) out there, but at least with these arrests, we know those 10 cases were definitely committed by (the juveniles),” he said.

To report an act of vandalism in the community, call 334-427-4911 and ask for dispatch, to avoid tying up emergency lines.