What would 2nd graders give to Jesus?

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 25, 2009

The three wise men may have brought the infant Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but the students in Tammy Wiggins’ second grade class at Andalusia Elementary School had their own practical ideas for presents.

Many realized that Jesus was born during the chilly winter months, and said they would have brought him gifts to help him stay warm.

“I’d bring him some sheep fur, so he wouldn’t be so cold,” Tristyn Harrison said. Ava Ramsden said she would have brought the baby Jesus a “shirt and pajamas,” while Tariq Walker said he’d have brought a pair of shoes.

Other students thought Jesus might want a few toys or pets to play with.

“I’d bring him some spiders and a pet snake,” Zemorian Ridgeway said. “I’ve always wanted spiders and a snake.” Meanwhile, Alec Sherf said he’d have brought “some toys like blocks and a truck,” while Alexa Lindquist would give Jesus “a baby lamb.”

Some students also thought it would be smart to give Jesus things every infant child needs. Katie James said she’d have brought him “a bottle wrapped in a blanket,” while Jottreuna Sinkfield would have brought “some shirts or a bib.”

Blake Ainsworth, however, may have had the most practical gift idea of all.

“I’d have given him some diapers,” he said.

Other students in Wiggins’ class said they would have brought these gifts:

Lane Henderson — “I would bring him diamonds and gold.”

Cailyn Wilkerson — “A Christmas tree.”

Shalisa Thomas — “I’d bring him a Bible.”

Coby Griffin — “Milk.”

Patrick McCorvey — “I’d bring him a Jesus statue.”

Grant Brewer — “Some gold.”

Chloe Mikel — “Food and myrrh.”

Shane Nixon — “ A baby crib and a blanket.”

Savannah Gomillion — “Baby food and a blanket.”