Flood caused $6M in damage

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 26, 2009

It is estimated the county sustained just under $6 million in damages as a result of last week’s heavy rains and flooding, county engineer Darren Capps said.

“That’s just a preliminary figure,” Capps said. “The actual amount will be determined after project worksheets are completed for each site.”

Rainfall, which began Dec. 12 and continued through last weekend, wreaked havoc throughout the county, causing flooding and significant damages to roads and bridges.

Capps said the county is currently awaiting word from President Barack Obama’s office as to whether or not damages sustained in Covington, Crenshaw, Dale and Escambia counties meet the threshold for federal disaster assistance.

Locally, damage sites are widespread across the central and northern parts of the county. The southern part of the county, which was hit hardest during March and April storms, was for the most part spared this time, Capps said.

Capps met with FEMA officials earlier this week to survey damaged areas agreed “we have substantial damages.”

Currently, 31 of the county’s roadways remained closed because of storm damage.

Over the last several days, all county work crews were working on repairs; however, the weather will determine just how much crews will be able to accomplish, he said.

“Things are drying a bit, but one of the biggest problems we are encountering is subsurface water under the dirt roads,” Capps said. “This water makes bog holes in the roads which are sometimes impassable.”

Capps reminded motorists to use extreme caution when navigating the county’s roadways.

As of Thursday, no federal declaration had been issued, declaring the area a federal disaster.