List of closed county roads updated

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 26, 2009

Current road closures

Antioch Y Rd. closed, washed into (from CR 49 (Antioch Rd. to CR 57 (Enoch Rd.)

Bob Gantt Rd.

Bushy Branch Rd. – bridge damaged from CR 93 to Coffee County Line

Caraway Rd. (From C.R. 4 South to Country Cross Rd.)

C.R. 107 Pigeon Creek Bridge Rd.

Charolais Rd (Between Hattaway Rd and CR 89)

Claudie Boutwell Rd (Between Babbie Rd and Frank Tisdale Rd)

Frank Tisdale Road (from CR 42 thru to CR 77)

Giles Rd.

Gorum Bridge Rd.

Green Rd closed from CR 82 to Enoch Road

Harts Bridge Rd closed with barricades

Hazlet Bridge Rd – (West end closed)

Homer Smith Rd (South of CR 42)

Horn Hill Dirt Rd. from Henderson Bridge to CR 32 – water over road

Hub Rd.

J H Sellars Rd. (CR 21 to Hwy. 55) (Loango Area)

Lindsey Rd at the Int. of Beaver Pond Road

Mitchell Rd, closed at Five Points – barricade up

Mobley Creek Loop

Oakey Streak Rd – north of the bridge

Perrett Rd. – bog hole in middle of road,between Hesters Store Rd. to CR 23

Perry Rd (Pigeon Creek Church to CR 21)

Pine Oak Rd. off of Hubert Rd.

Point A Rd

Possum Trot Rd, North of Rose Hill – barricades up

Prestwood Bridge Rd, water over road

Ready Creek Rd.

Sammy Brown Farm Rd – closed between CR 32 and CR 34

Sharp Rd., Buck Creek area, closed, barricaded

W.B. Farm Rd off of Cool Springs Rd.