Many elections set for ’10

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not only is 2010 the year for people to stand up and be counted as part of the U.S. Census, it’s also the year for people to cast their votes for many important political offices.

Among the races on the ballot this year are local offices such as sheriff and district attorney, as well as state offices such as governor, senators and state representatives.

The first important date of the 2010 election year is April 2 — the last day for candidates to qualify for office.

The primary election will be held on June 1 with the primary runoff election set for July 13. On the first Tuesday in November, Nov. 2, voters will cast their ballots in the general election for all state and county races.

Local offices up for election are:

Sheriff. Currently, Dennis Meeks is in his first term as sheriff, a position that is elected every four years. To date, no one has announced intent to seek this office.

District Attorney. This seat is elected every six years and is currently held by Greg Gambril. To date, no one has announced intent to seek this office.

County school board members for Place No. 3, which is currently held by Lynda Powell, and Place No. 4, which is currently held by Jeff Bailey.

Circuit Judge Place No. 2. This seat is for a six-year term and the incumbent, Judge Ashley McKathan, has announced he will once again seek re-election.

District Judge. This six-year term seat is currently held by Judge Frank “Trippy” McGuire. To date, no one has announced intent to seek this office.

Coroner. This four-year term seat is held by Norman Hobson. To date, no one has announced intent to seek this office.

Local voters will also have a chance to cast their ballot in the following statewide elections in 2010:

Governor (Currently held by Republican Bob Riley, who cannot run again. Main candidates include Republicans Roy Moore, Bradley Byrne, Kay Ivey and Tim James; and Democrats Ron Sparks and Artur Davis).

Lieutenant Governor (Currently held by Democrat Jim Folsom Jr., who has announced he will run for re-election).

U.S. Senator (Seat currently held by Republican Richard Shelby).

U.S. Representative for District 2 (Seat currently held by Democrat Bobby Bright). Bright is being challenged by Republicans Martha Roby, Bill Harris and Rick Barber.

Attorney General. (Currently Troy King).

State Senator for District 31 (Seat currently held by Republican Jimmy Holley).

State Representative for District 92 (Seat currently held by Democrat Seth Hammett, who will not run for re-election. Confirmed candidates at present include Republicans Greg White and Mike Jones.)

Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. Covington County’s own Glen Zorn, currently an assistant ag commissioner, is seeking the Democratic nomination for this office. There are four other announced candidates for this office.

Supreme Court Justice: Three seats.

Court of Civil Appeals Judge.

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge.

Secretary of State.

State Treasurer.

State Auditor.

Public Service Commissioner.

State Board of Education, Place No. 2.