76-year-old man shot Sunday

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A 76-year-old Andalusia man was shot Sunday during what authorities call a “knock and rob” at his Simmons Street home.

Andalusia Chief Wilbur Williams said the unidentified victim was awoken shortly before midnight by someone knocking on the front door.

“When he opened the door, he was confronted by a younger black male, somewhere between 17-19 years of age, who produced a weapon and demanded money,” Williams said. “The suspect then forced his way into the home, and for whatever reason – whether he was feeling threatened or was trying to intimidate the victim – fired one small caliber round, striking the victim in the arm.”

Williams said several officers were in the immediate area and quickly responded to the scene. Within “two to three minutes,” officers began canvassing the neighborhood in an attempt to locate the suspect, who had fled the scene on foot, Williams said.

However, officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description, he said.

The victim was taken to Andalusia Regional Hospital, where he was immediately taken into surgery to repair a shattered bone in his upper arm.

“Right now, we’re waiting to talk to the victim, giving him time to recover some,” Williams said. “It’s possible the suspect was seen in the neighborhood by witnesses, but anyone with any information that might help identify this suspect should contact the police department.

“This was an extremely traumatic experience for a 76-year-old man, as it would be for anyone,” he said.

“We would caution residents to not open the door for anyone they don’t know. Look through the window or a peep hole before opening the door at all times.”

Anyone with information into the shooting is asked to contact Sgt. Barney Tyree or Sgt. Tim Stallworth at 222-1155.