Taylor speaks to AARP

Published 1:00 am Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chapter 1408 of the AARP met on Jan. 12 in the Dixon Room of the Andalusia Public Library. The 22 members and guests who were present enjoyed hot camp stew and a dessert by Joyce Leddon, Evelyn Murphree and Irene Butler prior to the meeting.

Norma Jean Gavras, president for 2010, called the first meeting of the year to order. Clarence Trousdale led the club in the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Mrs. Mary Green, club chaplain, gave the devotion and invocation.

Mrs. Butler, program chairman, recognized Vicki Wacaster with Comfort Care Hospice who invited attendees to the Janet Paschal Concert at Harmony Baptist Church on Jan. 23. The event included a book signing, awards to caregivers and refreshments Southland Quartet (Greg Aplin) also will perform.

Don Gaines was recognized and spoke briefly on the Tea Party movement and invited attendees to become involved in this grass roots national movement.

Mrs. Butler then introduced the keynote speaker, Ron Taylor, an author, musician and leader by reminding them that he was a state events coordinator under Gov. Guy Hunt and traveled all over Alabama with his band, attracting large crowds and tourists to Alabama’s resources. The “John Teel Memorial Day” was staged and promoted by Taylor in 1987, which resulted in more than $18,000 being raised for the Covington County Heart Association. Dr. Rex Butler, then-president of the Covington Heart Association, had declared the county’s assigned goal had only been $10,000. Taylor stated how “fitting” the event was since John Teel had been his “steel guitar” player for many years and had died from a massive heart attack in Dr. Butler’s presence.

Taylor then spoke on the condition of our nation, stating that today’s problems began with the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Aided by the “leftists” (Communists) who came here from Europe in mid-century and all the might of the U.S. government, Lincoln changed forever our form of government from a Constitutional Republic, as our founders envisioned, to the centralized federal government which grows more and more each day. Gone are states’ rights and individual liberty, which were designed by our founding fathers to “reign in” and keep in check the powers of a central government.

However, Taylor added, “The major problem facing us today is not those things so easily seen or identified, but it is the New York-based news media. They control everything you see and hear, nationally, with rare exceptions, and their agenda is not ours, the South’s, nor America’s, even those who purport to share our point of view. Many of the “pundits” or “talking heads” are just following directions and many have rather dubious backgrounds such as the Neo-cons. Taylor suggested you Google them, and that you “won’t like it.”

He ended his remarks by challenging those in attendance to “get involved” and don’t wait for any political party to save your hide.

The club’s next meeting will be on March 9 in the Dixon Room at the library.