Women ‘Go Red’ to promote heart health

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 5, 2010

On average, one out of every three women will die of heart disease; and because of those statistics, one national organization is hoping women around the nation “see red” and take part in today’s American Heart Association’s “National Wear Red Day.”

Heart disease affects a large portion of women in the state and is responsible for 35.5 percent of all female deaths in Alabama, the American Heart Association reported Wednesday.

Health officials say the disease is so prevalent that, on average, 23 females die from heart disease or stroke each day.

That’s why the American Heart Association launched its Go Red Campaign. The purpose is to get women to know their risks and make changes that will lead to a heart healthy life.

Women who “Go Red” can take care of their hearts with the choices they make to exercise regularly, eat well and visit their doctor.

Locally, the Covington County Health Department is promoting the Go Red Campaign by handing out the organization’s pamphlets and pins.

Cindy McAplin, registered nurse/ clinic supervisor, stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle for women.

“Changing any risk factors women can would be the ideal thing to do,” McAplin said.

“There are things they can change such as their blood pressure, cholesterol, managing diabetes, keeping their weight down, exercising, stopping smoking and eating a diet that is high in fruit and vegetables.”

McAplin said hopefully making this changes would modify the risk, and she and state health director Dr. Donald Williamson agree.

“Women need to take charge of their heart health, and make the right choices that relate to proper nutrition, physical activity, doctors’ visits and their general health, which are essential for a longer life,” he said.

According to ADPH, Alabama has the fourth highest death rate from heart disease in the country and the seventh highest death rate from stroke.