Florala group will be generous with proceeds

Published 12:26 am Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Florala Historic Society plans to distribute the net revenues derived from the bingo game operation throughout the county for the benefit of education and other non-profits, who have the option to refuse the money. The annual estimation of $10 million would be broken down as follows:

Florala schools, $400,000 to be paid directly

City of Florala for education purposes: $1 million

Covington County School System: $600,000

Cities of Andalusia and Opp and its respective boards of education for education and scholarships, $500,000

Masons and Eastern Star $500,000

Carver Junior High National Alumni Association for the development of education programs and recreational facilities for the minority community, $500,000.

Towns of Lockhart and Paxton for educational purposes $100,000 each.

Florala EMS, $400,000

Florala Kiwanis Club $200,000

Covington County Economic Development Commission, $300,000

Covington County for use in other educational programs, $100,000

Covington County United Fund, $500,000

Covington County Children’s Policy Council, $200,000

Opp Cultural Arts Council and Andalusia Ballet, $100,000

Cross Trails Library, $100,000

Opportunity House, $200,000

Mizell Memorial Hospital ( a non-profit, $200,000

Andalusia Health Services for health clinics for low-income residents, $100,000

LBW and Douglas McArthur Foundations for scholarships, $300,000 each

Mental Health, $100,000

Rotary and Pilot Clubs, as well as each historical society, in both Andalusia and Opp, $50,000 each.

Crossover Ministries for drug rehab, $200,000

Habitat for Humanity, $300,000