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Florala group will be generous with proceeds

The Florala Historic Society plans to distribute the net revenues derived from the bingo game operation throughout the county for the benefit of education and other non-profits, who have the option to refuse the money. The annual estimation of $10 million would be broken down as follows:

Florala schools, $400,000 to be paid directly

City of Florala for education purposes: $1 million

Covington County School System: $600,000

Cities of Andalusia and Opp and its respective boards of education for education and scholarships, $500,000

Masons and Eastern Star $500,000

Carver Junior High National Alumni Association for the development of education programs and recreational facilities for the minority community, $500,000.

Towns of Lockhart and Paxton for educational purposes $100,000 each.

Florala EMS, $400,000

Florala Kiwanis Club $200,000

Covington County Economic Development Commission, $300,000

Covington County for use in other educational programs, $100,000

Covington County United Fund, $500,000

Covington County Children’s Policy Council, $200,000

Opp Cultural Arts Council and Andalusia Ballet, $100,000

Cross Trails Library, $100,000

Opportunity House, $200,000

Mizell Memorial Hospital ( a non-profit, $200,000

Andalusia Health Services for health clinics for low-income residents, $100,000

LBW and Douglas McArthur Foundations for scholarships, $300,000 each

Mental Health, $100,000

Rotary and Pilot Clubs, as well as each historical society, in both Andalusia and Opp, $50,000 each.

Crossover Ministries for drug rehab, $200,000

Habitat for Humanity, $300,000