Snowmen, snowball fights mark rare snow event

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 13, 2010

What snow day would be complete without at least one snowman?

For the people of Andalusia, one just wasn’t enough as front lawns throughout the city were dotted with the traditional snow figureheads.

Friday morning, Mahalley McClellan of Andalusia was one of the first to construct “Frosty” on the court square. (See photo, Page 1)

“It was just something I wanted to come out and do,” McClellan said. “It’s snow. You have to make a snowman when it snows.”

Collin McClellan, “a very distant relative to Mahalley,” reported he, his 5-year-old son J.C. and the family dog worked all of Friday to construct a family of 10-feet tall snowmen on the lawn of their Catherine Street home.

“J.C. is out there loving it,” McClellan said. “He’s even got the dog out there digging up the snow for him. It’s a great day out here.”

The ladies at Saddle Ridge I apartment complex tried their hand at snowman making – complete with a straw hat and blue scarf.

“The snow was so pretty and we were tired of sitting inside,” said Marjorie Smith, working with friend Dot Gomillion. “We’re elderly and wanted to get out and do something. We hadn’t built one in a long time – March 1993 to be exact. It snowed just like this. Gosh it was fun, but that one didn’t have a straw hat.”