Snow didn’t damage roads

Published 1:07 am Tuesday, February 16, 2010

While last week’s snow event prompted the closing of state, county and city roads, it did not cause any major damages or prompt any new road closures.

“It’s all just a bit messy, especially in the north end of the county,” said David Ellis, District 4 commissioner.

And it’s no wonder, as snow accumulation totals ranged upwards from 3 inches. In Anda-lusia and in the northern part of the county near Red Level, residents reported an estimated 6 inches of snowfall. In Opp, the total was only slightly less at an estimated 5 inches.

However, in the south end of the county, residents saw only a slight dusting in parts of Florala and Wing, with the majority of the day’s precipitation falling as rain.

By early Sunday morning, the snowfall had melted, further saturating the already wet ground.

“County road workers spent the bulk of Friday sanding some of the bridges,” Ellis said. “Luckily, we never had any roads or bridges that were impassable. We had closed the roads because of a safety issue, but it didn’t keep people off of them.

“It was pretty while it lasted, but it sure did make a mess,” he said.

Today, road employees will again start repairs of millions of dollars in damages sustained during 2009’s two major floods when in March an estimated $3.9 million in damages occurred, followed by another estimated $6 million in December.

“I do know that FEMA was down last week approving work sites,” Ellis said. “It’s just that the weather has been against us since October. We’re trying. I promise.”

Twenty-three county roads remain closed.