Mayor thanks all for snow efforts

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This past Friday South Alabama was hit with snow, ice and winter storm conditions, the like of which we in Andalusia have had little experience and which presented very real dangers to our citizens. In spite of our lack of experience, I thought we all handled this hazardous situation extremely well. There are some folks I would like to recognize and thank for their commitment to Andalusia during this difficult and treacherous time.

First, our intrepid Public Works department. Department head Jim Hogg and his employees were on deck early Friday morning surveying city streets to spot and deal with trouble caused by the snow and ice. They prepped equipment and assembled supplies that might be needed later and they even made the regular scheduled garbage pick-up round. All of this was done in the midst of the heaviest snowfall and the worst conditions of the day. Thanks.

Second, the Police Department worked full force all day and all night to secure our city and answered trouble calls concerning all manner of problems associated with the weather in addition to routine policing. Also, our police officers were very efficient in clearing city streets after their 2 p.m. closure.

Third, the Utility Board employees worked hard to keep our power on and removed limbs from power lines thus keeping all of us warm and cozy during the freezing weather. Again, this work was accomplished amidst the most unpleasant and even dangerous conditions.

Finally, I want to thank the citizens for cooperating with us during these trying times and preventing any serious injuries and leaving us with only pleasant memories of the 2010 snow storm.

Many thanks to all.

Earl V. Johnson

Mayor of Andalusia