Couple shares Antarctic adventures

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Inter Se Club met on Feb. 3, 2010, in the Dixon Memorial Room of the Andalusia Public Library.

Hostesses for the meeting were Marcia Reichert, Judy Holmes and Jan Roach.

They served hot cider, a cake made out of valentine cupcakes, cheese straws with nuts and valentine candy before the program.

Vice president Jewel Curry welcomed the members to the February meeting.

She then introduced this month’s program, “A Visit to the Antarctica” by Pat and Jim Wilcox.

Pat did the narration and Jim handled the slide show.

They frlew from Atlanta to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they boarded a cruise ship. They then sailed to the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo. They did some sight seeing around this beautiful old city.

Pat and Jim’s next destination was the Falkland Islands, they were at sea for several days.

Stanley is the capital of these islands that belong to Great Britain, just off the coast of Argentina.

Argentina had tried to take the islands back several years ago, but the English stopped them.

There are still land mines in some places on the island, these places are roped off, so you half to be careful where you walk.

These islands have penguins so this where Pat and Jim sighted their first penguins.

After the Falklands the ship set out for Cape Horn and Antarctica. Along the way they saw icebergs and glaciers and some rough seas, and came close to a Polish Research Station.

A few Polish scientists got on the ship with them to sail to Santiago, Chile, to get on an airplane to fly back to Poland. The only people living in the Antarctica are the ones on the research stations of other countries.

The United Stated has research stations there.

Pat and Jim also flew back to the United States from Santiago, Chile.

Curry thanked Pat and Jim for their interesting program.

Members attending: Juanita Anauo, Maribel Brown, Judy Buck, Dot Burkett, Rozilyn Croft, Jewel Curry, Nancy Davis, Judy Holmes, Mary Lee Howard, Rebecca Kinard, Ann Lewis, Barbara McCommons, Joyce Moore, Marilyn O’Neal, Marcia Reichert, Maggie Shelley, Margaret Smyly and Pam Wyche.