Bryant: Tea Party meeting impressive

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This last week I attended the meeting of this group called the “Tea Party Patriots of Covington County” and was very impressed with what the speakers had to say. Ron Taylor had the part of leading off, and this was not new to him as he has led off for many country stars in his past. Serg, whom I don’t know, let everyone know he is a third generation Porto Rican from “Jersey” and moved here for a more “small town belief” and hopes he can help re-implement the strong values of small town USA.

Then, we heard from Mike Jones, who had been to the “party” at Nashville, Tenn., and let us know that Sarah Palin is not an idiot as the media and certain outlets report.

Now, we endured some crap from the Alabama Republican representative, and then heard from our local district attorney candidates. This was not supposed to be a platform for politicians; therefore, Mr. Gaines, don’t ask them back.

I will be there for meetings on March 8th and April 11th, and I will come loaded, as some of The Star-News comments do not have the “guts” to come forward and one of them claims to be a Vietnam Marine. Show up if you have the institutional fortitude. We don’t turn anyone away.

Steve Bryant